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*Any scored animal with the ~ACE~ herdmark has been PSM fed*

Hall of Fame Show Cattle:

MAR GucciandProda
2861 Points 59 Breed Wins

3015 Points 36 Breed Wins

GF JANIS 111918B
3541 Points 28 Breed Wins

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
~ACE~ Valiant 72.8 Angus Bull 1,753
~ACE~ Louis Vuitton 73.0 Angus Female 1,576
~ACE~ Pro Copy 72.2 Red Angus Bull 863
~ACE~ Vicky 72.2 Angus Female 756
~ACE~ Birkenstock 72.3 Angus Female 739
~ACE~ SM Ashley 71.6 Angus Female 591

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Signed Up: 10/15/2017
Account Level: Family
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Red Angus Bulls #3
Indiana State #4
Angus Bulls #6
Angus Females #7
Overall Efficiency #20
Red Angus Females #23
Overall Bulls #29
Overall Females #41
Overall #45
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