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Welcome to Beefed UP Farms. We strive to raise high quality cattle. Currently we are breeding Maine Anjou, Pinzgauer and British Crosses. Let us know if we can meet any of your needs.We are small enouph to know you, yet big enouph to serve you.

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Name Breed Sex Points
BUF05 Corvette Pinzgauer Female 1,335
Tent Stormy Glory 63.1 Hereford Bull 1,100
BUF04 SMOKIN GOLD Pinzgauer Bull 929
Igiso BC Mash Sorrows 659 British Cross Bull 885
Bar M Gallant Challenger Santa Gertrudis Bull 872
PAB Apr17 14749427 American Cross Female 703
LAZY J-H MASTER TURNIP 667 American Cross Female 580
Foxlane Slick Cowgirl AX American Cross Female 561
CCR Mrs. Alabama American Cross Female 559
BUF05 FEATHER British Cross Bull 512
BUF06,PAT . British Cross Bull 478
BUF05 Snow Bells British Cross Female 462
Bar M Buzz Cut Santa Gertrudis Bull 432
BUF05 Red Iris Pinzgauer Female 428
CHAMP AmX H 9668 American Cross Female 411
BUF06 MERICA American Cross Bull 397
BUF05 Blue Mess British Cross Female 336
BUF06 Miss Legacy Shorthorn Female 290
BUF06 BOY IS KEENE Pinzgauer Bull 269
LSC Deep Portland 2717 ET Shorthorn Bull 180
BUF06 Stacked 50% BRX Brahman Cross Female 163
BUF06 Spotted White British Cross Bull 163
BUF05 SPECLID SMOKE YW Pinzgauer Bull 155
BUF06 Blue Fever British Cross Female 146
BUF07 SUPER HERO British Cross Bull 145
BUF06 PLUNGER British Cross Bull 143
BUF05 Grasses edge Pinzgauer Female 140
BLINGS SS Hype Shorthorn Female 135
BUF07 50% BRA Brahman Cross Female 135
BLINGS SS Ivory 7847 Shorthorn Female 125
BUF06. AMERICAN DREAM 50% BRX Brahman Cross Bull 118
BUF07 SOUTHERN STORM American Cross Bull 113
BUF06 Blue Sorrows British Cross Female 100
BU06 Kelly Ride Shorthorn Female 100
BUF07 Super Women British Cross Female 90
BUF06 Yella Pinz Pinzgauer Female 83
BUF06 Pats Sorrow British Cross Female 73
BUF06 CROWN ROYAL Maine Anjou Bull 65
BUF06 New Direction YPZ Pinzgauer Female 60
BUF06 Night Lights Pinzgauer Female 60
BUF07 SMOKIN JOE MA Maine Anjou Bull 60
BUF07 Blue Stack Brahman Cross Female 55
BBB BcF Storm Warning 825 British Cross Female 50
BUF07 Super Girl British Cross Female 50
BUF07 BLIE AL Santa Gertrudis Bull 30
BUF07 Dark Shadow Pinzgauer Female 30
BUF07 Phantom Cheese British Cross Female 30
BUF06 Pitch Dark Pinzgauer Female 25
BUF07 RED SOX Pinzgauer Bull 25
BUF07 Black Corvette Pinzgauer Female 15
BUF07 Summer Sue Santa Gertrudis Female 13
BUF05 BLUE ROAN PZ European Cross Bull 10
BUF07 Black Sky Pinzgauer Female 5
BUF07 Title Search Maine Anjou Female 5
BUF07 Shes Smooth Yella European Cross Female 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
ME™ Royal Title Bearer 25 $200

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
RS Thunder Flower 13.6 -BK- Ultra Yoyo 13.7 14 $250
RS Ocean Party 13.6 -BK- Ultra Yoyo 13.7 5 $250
Tent American Nights 73.7 WARR Far From Royal 76.0 5 $250
BUF03 Sun Shot G F MA Master Blaster 806 3 $500
JR Apr17 14811589 G F PZ Liquid Asset 462 5 $250
BUF03 Sun Shot WARR Royal Christmas 4461 4 $250
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Account Level: Standard
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Oklahoma State #1
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Braford Females #4
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Pinzgauer Females #4
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Pinzgauer Bulls #5
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Charolais Females #18
Overall Females #22
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European Cross Bulls #25
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Angus Females #33
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Overall Efficiency #44
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