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Welcome to Beefed UP Farms. We strive to raise high quality cattle. Currently we are breeding Maine Anjou, Pinzgauer and British Crosses. Let us know if we can meet any of your needs.We are small enouph to know you, yet big enouph to serve you.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
BUF10 Burnt Boss American Cross Female 1,344
BUF09 Cowgirl Troy American Cross Female 1,333
BUF10 SOUTHERN BOSS American Cross Bull 921
BUF10 Boat Ride British Cross Female 911
BUF 09 BAYOU COWBOY British Cross Bull 803
BUF10 FIRE N CHROME American Cross Bull 800
BUF10 Cow Boss American Cross Female 730
BUF11 CAPTAIN REDD American Cross Bull 628
BUF11 South Chrome American Cross Female 495
BUF11 Troy Boss .. American Cross Female 314
BUF10 THE LAWYER Shorthorn Bull 225
BUF11 SOUTHERN CHROME American Cross Bull 186
BUF11 YELLOW SOX Pinzgauer Bull 170
BUF09 REDD CARPET Pinzgauer Bull 166
BUF11 TOP HORN Shorthorn Bull 165
BUF11 Super Joyous Braford Female 161
BUF11 RIDE OR DIE British Cross Bull 115
BUF11 SOUTHERN BLASTER American Cross Bull 101
BUF11 Super Horizon British Cross Female 100
BUF11 Black Carpet Pinzgauer Female 90
BUF11 BOSS BLAST% American Cross Bull 83
BUF11 Super Girl Braford Female 80
BUF11 Rag Cow American Cross Female 80
BUF11 Super Ride British Cross Female 73
BUF11 Phantom Joy Ride.. Shorthorn Female 65
BUF11 DOUBLE ROCK Santa Gertrudis Bull 61
BUF11 SMOKEY SOCKED Pinzgauer Bull 60
BUF11 ROCK CHALLENGE Santa Gertrudis Bull 60
BUF11 PHANTOM JACK Shorthorn Bull 60
BUF10 WHISKEY TENT Beefmaster Bull 58
BUF10 French Fried European Cross Female 56
BUF11 Rum Ambition Simmental Female 55
BUF11 Smokey Rumm Simmental Female 55
BUF11 Tiger Corvette Pinzgauer Female 55
BUF10 Gold Nuggett Beefmaster Female 50
BUF11 SMOKIN RUMM Simmental Bull 50
BUF11 MASHED COWBOY British Cross Bull 50
BUF11 Let go my Hand! Shorthorn Female 45
BUF11 SMOKEY SOCKED and Pinzgauer Bull 45
BUF11 MATCHIN COWBOYS British Cross Bull 45
BUF11 HOT WHISKEY Beefmaster Bull 40
BUF11 Smoked Cub Maine Anjou Female 40
BUF 11 Blood Boss American Cross Female 40
BUF11 Hurtin Deveraeux Braford Female 40
BUF11 Steak Buddy Simmental Female 30
BUF11 BONE DEFENDER Maine Anjou Bull 30
BUF 11 Cheese Bells British Cross Female 30
BUF11 ROCKABILLY CHALLENGE Santa Gertrudis Bull 30
BUF11 BAR BARICK Pinzgauer Bull 30
BUF11 Southern Fire American Cross Female 30
BUF11 Troy Blast American Cross Female 30
BUF11 Brah Maine Jane Brahmaine Female 28
AG Believe W6.6 62.2 Shorthorn Bull 20
BUF11 Super Pure Braford Female 20
BUF11 MONEY TIME Brahmaine Female 20
BUF11 SLAMMIN BONE Maine Anjou Bull 20
BUF11 Zinga Zinga Boy Braford Bull 20
BUF11 RIBEYE Simmental Bull 20
BUF11 RED LION Pinzgauer Bull 20
BUF10 Dunn spot MOT European Cross Female 15
BUF11 SWEET OCTANE Brahmaine Bull 15
BUF11 Keteer Rock Santa Gertrudis Female 15
BUF11 GHOST BUD Simmental Bull 15
BUF11 PHANTOM JOY RIDE^ Shorthorn Bull 15
BUF11 BROWNY RAGS American Cross Bull 13
BUF11 DUNN HARD ^ American Cross Bull 10
BUF11 GRAY BONES Maine Anjou Bull 10
BUF11 White Elephant Maine Anjou Female 10
BUF11 Painted Sox Pinzgauer Female 10
BUF11 Super Ride % British Cross Female 10
BUF11 YELLA MOT MAINE Maine Anjou Bull 5
BUF11 Simi Rumm Simmental Female 5
BUF11 STEAK BUDS ^ Simmental Bull 5

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
BUF09 BARACOOTA 14.2 12 $225
BUF09 LATTE 14.1 14 $20
BUF09 WHIP CREAM 14.1 15 $20
BUF10 VINDICATED 14.2 3 $250
Foxlane Cowboy Troy AX 21 $125
G F BC Blue Cheese 749 12 $100
MCC Heart Party 13.7 1 $5
MCC Red Dirt 13.7 1 $5

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
BUF03 Sun Shot G F MA Master Blaster 806 2 $500
JR Apr17 14811589 G F PZ Liquid Asset 462 4 $250
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Signed Up: 1/12/2017
Account Level: Standard
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Oklahoma State #1
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American Cross Females #1
Beefmaster Bulls #3
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British Cross Females #3
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Santa Gertrudis Bulls #3
Braford Females #4
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Shorthorn Bulls #6
Brahmaine Females #6
British Cross Bulls #6
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Simmental Females #12
Overall Bulls #14
Simmental Bulls #15
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Overall #24
Maine Anjou Bulls #29
European Cross Bulls #38
European Cross Females #48
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