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Welcome to Beefed UP Farms. We strive to raise high quality cattle. Currently we are breeding Maine Anjou, Pinzgauer and British Crosses. Let us know if we can meet any of your needs.We are small enouph to know you, yet big enouph to serve you.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
BUF07 American Dirt American Cross Female 1,004
BUF 07 Cheese Ride British Cross Bull 984
BUF05 FEATHER British Cross Bull 958
BUF08 Fun Horizon Shorthorn Female 836
BUF07 Super Girl British Cross Female 774
BUF07 DOUBLE TURNIP American Cross Bull 730
Foxlane Mommas Girl AX American Cross Female 639
BUF08 SNOW PINZ Pinzgauer Bull 607
BUF08 HIGH SHOT Maine Anjou Bull 513
BUF07 RED SOX Pinzgauer Bull 488
BUF08 Preme Ride British Cross Female 481
BUF08 Dirty Cowgirl American Cross Female 451
BUF07 Hawaii American Cross Female 416
BUF08 BLUE RAINMAN British Cross Bull 389
BUF07 THE BOSS American Cross Bull 369
BUF07 Night Cadet Pinzgauer Female 322
BUF08 Harietta British Cross Female 313
BUF08 Joy Queen Shorthorn Female 305
BUF06 Yella Pinz Pinzgauer Female 238
BUF08 Marching Assett Pinzgauer Female 226
BUF08 BOSS BLASTER American Cross Bull 223
BUF08 Southern Burn American Cross Female 214
BUF07 Phantom Cheese British Cross Female 190
BUF08 Wild Ride Shorthorn Female 180
BUF08 Iris Sox Pinzgauer Female 175
BUF08 Blue Ride British Cross Female 169
BUF07 Liquid Soldier Pinzgauer Female 163
BUF07 Bossy American Cross Female 155
Foxlane Pretty Lady BF Braford Female 146
BUF08 Party Ride British Cross Female 145
BUF07 Boat Ride British Cross Female 143
BBB BcF Storm Warning 825 British Cross Female 140
LAZYE SS Top Hand 6.6TOTC Shorthorn Bull 140
BUF06 New Direction YPZ Pinzgauer Female 130
BUF09 Boss Blaster American Cross Female 116
BUF08Yellow Glanzer Pinzgauer Female 115
BUF08 Super Pat British Cross Female 113
BUF08 Redder Sox Pinzgauer Female 110
BUF08 Ambitious Smoke Simmental Bull 105
BUF08 ROCKWIRE Santa Gertrudis Bull 96
BUF08 RAGNAR ROCK American Cross Bull 94
BUF07 Barbell Santa Gertrudis Bull 86
BUF 09 BAYOU COWBOY British Cross Bull 75
BUF08 SUPER STUFF Braford Bull 73
BUF08 Grey Ambition Simmental Female 70
BUF08 Bazinga Girl Braford Female 70
BUF09 DOG TOWN Shorthorn Bull 70
Foxlane Monster Jam BF Braford Bull 63
BUF09 Jelly Joy Braford Female 63
BUF07 HOT SAUCE Beefmaster Bull 55
BUF09 SUPER AWAKE British Cross Bull 46
BUF08 BIG YELLA Maine Anjou Bull 45
BUF09 Cowgirl Troy American Cross Female 45
BUF08 So Yella Maine Anjou Female 40
BUF09 WHITE YELLAR Pinzgauer Bull 40
BUF09 BRAMAINE CHAIN Brahmaine Bull 35
BUF08 YELLA GLANZ Pinzgauer Bull 30
BUF09 Whiskey Beef Beefmaster Female 23
BUF09 SOUTH KOREA Pinzgauer Bull 23
BUF08 GREY SHOT Maine Anjou Bull 20
BUF09 Joyeux Braford Female 20
BUF08 ONE OF A KIND European Cross Bull 15
BUF09 Smoother Smooth European Cross Female 15
BUF09 Dirt Dunner American Cross Bull 13
BUF09 YELLA PUMPS Maine Anjou Bull 5
BUF09 HUSTLER Angus Bull 5
BUF09 Kantak Jackie Shorthorn Female 0
BUF09 American Squad Maine Anjou Female 0
BUF09 Red Corvette Pinzgauer Female 0
BUF09 CRAZY CUBBY Maine Anjou Bull 0
BUF09 SHORT CHEESE British Cross Bull 0
BUF09 Phantom Joy Ride Shorthorn Bull 0
BUF09 Dunn Done American Cross Female 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
BUF07 AVENGER 14.0 22 $100
G F BC Blue Cheese 749 22 $100

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
Tent American Nights 73.7 WARR Far From Royal 76.0 5 $250
BUF03 Sun Shot G F MA Master Blaster 806 2 $500
JR Apr17 14811589 G F PZ Liquid Asset 462 4 $250
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