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Welcome to Beefed UP Farms. We strive to raise high quality cattle. Currently we are breeding Maine Anjou, Pinzgauer and British Crosses. Let us know if we can meet any of your needs.We are small enouph to know you, yet big enouph to serve you.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
BUF08 Preme Ride British Cross Female 1,265
BUF09 Cowgirl Troy American Cross Female 1,160
BUF07 THE BOSS American Cross Bull 622
BUF09 SUPER PHANTOM British Cross Bull 574
BUF10 SOUTHERN BOSS American Cross Bull 572
BUF10 Burnt Boss American Cross Female 489
BUF10 Cow Boss American Cross Female 372
BUF09 DUNN BOSSY American Cross Bull 305
BUF10 FIRE N CHROME American Cross Bull 274
BUF19 CHROME .BOSS American Cross Bull 262
BUF10 RIDIN RAIN British Cross Bull 256
BUF10 She Lion Pinzgauer Female 240
BUF10 Kantak Lady Shorthorn Female 210
BUF10 Beef Sauce Beefmaster Female 172
BUF10 REDBLOOD American Cross Bull 146
BUF10 MONSTER BAZ Braford Bull 133
BUF10 YELLOW SUIT Pinzgauer Bull 110
BUF10 BRO MAIN Brahmaine Bull 104
BUF 10 Horizon Match British Cross Female 101
BUF10 EASTER CUB Maine Anjou Bull 100
BUF10 Tiger Corevette Pinzgauer Female 83
BUF10 JOY JOY Braford Bull 80
BUF10 Boat Ride British Cross Female 80
BUF10 Bed Rock American Cross Female 78
BUF10 Tiger A%% Pinzgauer Bull 63
BUF10 STARBURST American Cross Bull 63
BUF10 Master Boss .. American Cross Female 56
BUF10 PRETTY BOY Braford Bull 50
BUF10 Phantom Joy Ride.. Shorthorn Female 50
BUF10 Grey Babe Maine Anjou Female 50
BUF10 Swing Wire Maine Anjou Female 40
BUF10 Red Boss American Cross Female 35
BUF10 Tiger A$$et Pinzgauer Female 35
BUF10 Southern Star American Cross Female 33
BUF10 Light Red Hula Hoop American Cross Female 30
BUF10 RUMM STEAK .. Simmental Bull 30
BUF10 SNOW MARCH Pinzgauer Bull 30
BUF10 TIGER Paint Pinzgauer Bull 30
BUF10 Bayou Harrietta British Cross Female 30
BUF10 WHITE OUT Maine Anjou Bull 25
BUF10 Rag Dunn American Cross Female 25
BUF10 Smoked Steak Simmental Female 20
BUF10 WHISKEY TENT Beefmaster Bull 20
BUF10 Bad Boss American Cross Female 20
BUF10 Joy Monster . Braford Bull 20
BUF10 RIDE R DIE British Cross Bull 20
BUF10 JAM BAZ Braford Bull 20
BUF1 Dirt Boss American Cross Bull 15
BUF10 Dirty . Boss American Cross Female 13
BUF10 BLUE MERLE SimAngus Bull 10
BUF10 CREME CLUBBY Maine Anjou Bull 10
BUF10 GRAY WIRE Maine Anjou Bull 10
BUF10 Smoked .Steak Simmental Female 10
BUF 10 MAUI BOSS American Cross Female 5
BUF10 Blue Hands British Cross Female 0
BUF10 SMOKED FIDDLER Maine Anjou Bull 0
BUF10 Dirt Boss . American Cross Female 0
BUF10 ROCKABILLY. Santa Gertrudis Bull 0
BUF10 BLACK BOAT British Cross Bull 0
BUF10 JUNIOR Pinzgauer Bull 0
BUF10 THE LAWYER Shorthorn Bull 0
BUF11 Tiger Bar Pinzgauer Female 0
BUF11 Turnup Boss American Cross Female 0
BUF11 SUPER DUPER British Cross Bull 0
BUF11 HAND JOY Shorthorn Bull 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
BQH J7850 Bassin 14.1 4 $40
BUF08 AVENGER 14.0. 16 $10
BUF09 BARACOOTA 14.2 23 $250
BUF09 LATTE 14.1 19 $20
BUF09 REVENGER 14.1 15 $10
BUF09 WHIP CREAM 14.1 16 $20
Foxlane Cowboy Troy AX 22 $125
G F BC Blue Cheese 749 13 $100
MCC Heart Party 13.7 1 $5
MCC Red Dirt 13.7 1 $5

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
BUF03 Sun Shot G F MA Master Blaster 806 2 $500
JR Apr17 14811589 G F PZ Liquid Asset 462 4 $250
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