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We are currently focusing on breeding excellent Black and Red Angus genetics and working on our Maine Herd to bring you competative show steers and breeding stock. Feel free to look and inquire about cattle for sale, thanks for visiting.


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Name Breed Sex Points
BLING WATCHDOG 7.1 Angus Bull 243
BLING SS BRIT RED BELL 6.9 British Cross Steer 174
BLING RA SS 196 Red Angus Steer 106
BLING BX SS 675 British Cross Steer 70
BLING RA SS 197 Angus Steer 63
BLING EURO SS SODA LUCK 7.0 European Cross Steer 25
BLING MXA SS HEARTS 6.0 Maine Angus Steer 20

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None Available.

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None Available.
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