Terminal Steer Show Winners

November 30th 2014
December 15th 2014
January 15th 2016

February 2015 - #2 Overall Ranch
#2 Overall Steers
#1 Overall Market Heifers
#1 Overall Ranch in Iowa

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Name Breed Sex Points
DBA Bunny Cutter Belgian Blue Bull 1,445
DBA Kitty Double Cap Belgian Blue Female 1,428
DBA/ߧ§ American Star Belgian Blue Bull 1,231
DBA Saber Cap Belgian Blue Female 994
REX NICHOLAS 927A Angus Steer 679
DBA American Shame Belgian Blue Bull 635
DBA Dark Double 15 Belgian Blue Bull 613
DBA Tropical Star Stormer Belgian Blue Bull 552
DBA Crab Kitty Belgian Blue Female 516
REX SAL 924R Red Angus Steer 506
DBA Tropical Piglet Belgian Blue Female 461
REX WILL POWER 924A Angus Steer 422
DBA Cap in the Tropics Belgian Blue Bull 391
DBA Crab From The Tropics Belgian Blue Female 383
DBA Shameful Cap Belgian Blue Female 284
REX SS WILL 921R Red Angus Steer 231
REX NAILS 1008R Red Angus Steer 213
DBA Crabby Bunny Belgian Blue Female 190
REX SS BATTLE 920A Angus Steer 165
DBA Shot of Gold Belgian Blue Bull 151
DBA Cutting Right Belgian Blue Female 138
REX SS POWER 921A Angus Steer 133
REX SS DYNAMITE 924A Angus Steer 105
REX NIKE 1009A Angus Steer 100
DBA Tropical King Belgian Blue Bull 60
REX SS ICE 920R Red Angus Steer 43
REX SS BIONIC 920R Red Angus Steer 43
REX SS GLOCK 1004A Angus Steer 40
REX Oct18 17341599 Red Angus Steer 10
REX SS ICE 919A Angus Steer 0
REX SS MARK 1004A Angus Steer 0
REX SS NIKE 1003A Angus Steer 0
REX SS GLOCK 1004R Red Angus Steer 0
REX SS MARK 1003A Angus Steer 0
REX SS SECRET 1025R Red Angus Steer 0
REX SS RIMTOP 1025A Angus Steer 0

Cattle for Sale

Name (Bids) Details High Bidder Current Price End of Sale
DBA American Shame
6 Bids
Belgian Blue
Mature Bull
DBA $3,800 11/19/2018 7:45:42 AM
2 days 6 hours 44 minutes

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
None Available.

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
DBA Kitty Cat 148 DBA Dark Double 15 1 $4,000
DBA American Crab Meat DBA Dark Double 15 1 $4,000
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Signed Up: 5/22/2014
Account Level: Standard
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