I'm am focusing on Black Show Simmental's, all my breeding stock are fed PSM until 40 days old, and then placed on customs after that.

I am also in the process of Breeding Quality Black/Polled Simmental Show Stock. It has a ways to go yet, but they are getting there.

If you see any stock that I have that you might want. Feel free to PM me an offer!

February 2019 Show Rankings:
Texas State #1
Simmental Bulls #1
Simmental Steers #1
Overall Bulls #1
Simmental Females #2
Overall Market Heifers #3
Overall #4

January 2019 Show Rankings:
SimAngus Steers #1
Simmental Bulls #1
Simmental Females #1
Simmental Steers #2
Texas State #2
Overall #13

Leading the Show Rankings from July - December 2018:
Overall Market Heifers
Texas State
Simmental Bulls
Simmental Females

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
D~ SS Blackish Show H 7.1 Simmental Female 2,030
D~ ES gvShow Snooki H 7.0 Simmental Female 1,535
D~ MC The Big Show H 7.1 Simmental Bull 1,083
D~ TT TimberWolf H 6.9 Simmental Bull 1,065
D~ B ioMother Moose H 6.9 Simmental Female 1,028
D~ LMO Leading Maddy H 7.0 Simmental Bull 889
D~ BS The Man H 7.0 Simmental Bull 829
D~ SS trShow Style H 7.1 Simmental Female 819
D~ MC Punk Steer H 7.0 Simmental Steer 802
D~ MC 8668 Snooki H 7.0 Simmental Female 546
D~ B Pet Steer H 7.2 Simmental Steer 500
D~ B rr July Price H 7.0 Simmental Female 415
D~JB Bent on Revenge H 6.9 Simmental Bull 405
D~GB Fishing Bear H 6.9 Simmental Bull 273
D~ Euro Steer 6.9 European Cross Steer 153
D~ Loca Steer 7.0 Simmental Steer 45


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Simmental Bulls #1
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