J H Acres

Raising Simmental, Shorthorn and European Cross cattle.
All breeding stock are fed PSM.
Steers are fed custom rations.
If you are interested in anything feel free to message me.

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Name Breed Sex Points
~JH~ BC Wonder SS263ET European Cross Steer 797
~JH~ SS Bear SS262 ET Simmental Steer 792
~JH~ NE Starship SS267 ET Shorthorn Steer 359
~JH~ STT Deluxe SS268 Simmental Steer 178
~JH~ SS Jamie SS270 Simmental Steer 175
~JH~ W Wonder SS271 ET European Cross Steer 53
~JH~ W Black Tide SS269 European Cross Steer 45
~JH~ NE Fugitive SS272 Shorthorn Steer 30
~JH~ SA Horns SS273 ET Simmental Steer 0
~JH~ SM Wonder SS275 ET European Cross Steer 0
~JH~ C Deluxe SS274 Simmental Steer 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
DCC 3Z Thunder Struck 1838 28 $50
DCC BA Mad Dog 4198 22 $75
DCC MO Cut Down 1527 76 $50
DCC PO Commodus 7677 25 $50
ISECO HYPE MAN 1706 67.0 25 $100
ISECO THE CAPTOR 9008 67.0 15 $100
TK FTO One And Only ET 6 $50

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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