Lazy E Cattle

Thank You very much for taking the time to look at my ranch page. At the present time my main focus is on Pinzgauer Cattle. I also breed for some crossbred steers. I strive to breed good breeding and show stock. If you see anything your interested in or would like some semen off a bull of mine that isn't posted let me know. Everything is for sale at the right price. Have a good day!!!

HODG Wiry Liquid LM SS (Limousin)
Bred by Hodg Farms (thank you)

52 Steers taken at Terminal/ 65 Steers Shown at Terminal 2016

We offer our show steers for sale. If you see something you like in the steer starter pen let me know. We will talk price.

10 Steers taken at Terminal/ 16 Steers shown at Terminal Shows 2018

Breeds taken at Terminal Shows
Hereford- 2
Pinzgauer- 7
Shorthorn- 1

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
LAZYE Genuine Asset 9792 495EA Pinzgauer Bull 909
LAZYE Miss Fleur 8690 48.2MGT Pinzgauer Female 818
LAZYE Goosey 8190 47.4EA Pinzgauer Female 756
LAZYE Goosey 9685 48.2EA Pinzgauer Female 732
LAZYE Giselle 8195 48.7HS Pinzgauer Female 730
LAZYE Scan 9090 48.9HS Pinzgauer Female 700
LAZYE Problem Solver 9287 48SA Pinzgauer Bull 648
LAZYE Giselle 9088 48.6HS Pinzgauer Female 179
LAZYE Smart Asset 8985 48.2PE Pinzgauer Female 133
LAZYE Giselle 8986 47.5ST Pinzgauer Female 96
LAZYE Top Shelf 8493 48.6EA Pinzgauer Bull 63
LAZYE Full Tilt 9688 49.3ST Pinzgauer Bull 30

Cattle for Sale

Name (Bids) Details High Bidder Current Price End of Sale
LAZYE Sure Hit 8284 47.8ST
0 Bids
Mature Bull
Lazy E Cattle $9,950 6/20/2019 9:21:57 AM
2 hours 29 minutes

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
*QCF* AN Farmers Tan 2419 43 $200
*QCF* AN Small Block 12719 49 $200
*QCF* RAN Power Tan 2419 49 $200
EX Bolt End 47 $200

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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Hereford Steers #5
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