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Thank You very much for taking the time to look at my ranch page. At the present time my main focus is on Chianina, Hereford and Angus Cattle. I also breed crossbred steers for competition so you will see a few other breeds in my ranch. I strive to breed good breeding and show stock. If you see anything your interested in or would like some semen off a bull of mine that isn't posted let me know. Everything is for sale at the right price. Have a good day!!!

HODG Wiry Liquid LM SS (Limousin)
Bred by Hodg Farms (thank you)

52 Steers taken at Terminal/ 65 Steers Shown at Terminal 2016
Angus- 3
AOB- 2
British Cross- 10
Hereford- 8
Maine Anjou- 1
Pinzgauer- 8
Polled Hereford- 4
Gelbvieh- 4
Limousin- 3
SimAngus- 2
Red Angus- 4
ABC- 1
Shorthorn- 1
Brahman Cross- 1

2016 Terminal
Grand Champion- 1
Breed Champs- 19
Breed Reserve Champs- 20
3rd in Class- 12

We offer our show steers for sale. If you see something you like in the steer starter pen let me know. We will talk price.

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