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September 2018
#1 Iowa State
#2 Overall Market Heifers
#9 Overall Females
#13 Overall

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
REX MIRANDA LAMBERT Red Angus Female 3,087
REX SUN SET 801A Angus Female 2,485
REX CARRIE UNDERWOOD Red Angus Female 2,445
REX 94099 ROSA 722A Angus Female 2,414
REX HAL 802A Angus Bull 2,325
REX 93097 FLOW 716R Red Angus Female 2,319
Den - Lead Dancer Angus Female 2,234
REX POLLY 806R Red Angus Female 2,158
REX SS 101 INFLUENCE Angus Female 1,856
REX 99 POLARIS 813A Angus Bull 1,726
REX 97 HARLEY 813R Red Angus Bull 1,498
REX 99 MAGGIE 730A Angus Female 1,174
REX SHOW SHINE 820A Angus Bull 1,147
MFFA ShowStopper x12 European Cross Female 968
KIDRON 104 BY032 Red Angus Bull 948
REX ROB 823A Angus Bull 919
REX Aug18 16966429 Angus Female 870
MFFA MaineB x12 Maine Anjou Female 805
REX 103 ELAINE 827A Angus Female 745
REX VISION 826R Red Angus Female 733
REX LEA 827A Angus Female 706
MFFA BrokenOut x12 Maine Anjou Female 618
REX COY 823R Red Angus Bull 534
REX 98 LISA 823A Angus Female 525
MFFA FlyHigh x12 Maine Anjou Female 433
REX 99 ROSE SS 823 Angus Female 330
REX 98 PRIMROSE SS 830R Red Angus Female 330
REX 102 ROSA SS 903A Angus Female 319
REX SOFIA 906R Red Angus Female 269
REX 100 COLT SS 823R Red Angus Bull 248
REX COLD FRONT 830R Red Angus Bull 128
REX ANDREA 809A Angus Female 115
REX 94 PRIMROSE 820A Angus Female 90
REX Aug18 16966450 Angus Female 85
REX TAMMY 809A Angus Female 70

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