We strive to produce the best cattle available, with our current focus on Angus.

Having achieved multiple breed champions and a stud that consistently strives to be at the top of its breeds, we believe we are establishing a bloodline that will take Angus cattle to the next level.

We often have bulls and breeders for sale and welcome any offers on any of our cattle.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
Oz Bill Who Angus Bull 1,292
Oz Fairylight Angus Female 1,134
LCOC Mrs Glade Flower SimAngus Female 800
LCOC Miss Gone for a Walk SimAngus Female 755
Oz Fire Brand Angus Female 734
Oz Grumpy Angus Bull 661
Oz Stormheart Angus Bull 640
Oz Flame Dancer Angus Female 630
Oz Flare Gun Angus Bull 590
LCOC Mrs Call It SimAngus Female 502
Oz Paladas Angus Bull 460
Oz Black Peach Angus Female 430
Oz Grass Cutter Angus Bull 425
Oz Cheer Angus Female 330
Oz Roulette Angus Bull 280
Oz Paradise Angus Female 260
LFF Sparky Janice Red Angus Bull 237
Oz Blackline Angus Bull 205
Oz Goldberry Angus Female 195
Oz Soul Eater Angus Bull 183
Oz Caledonia European Cross Female 140
Oz Dashing Fire European Cross Female 135
Oz Fleet Hoof Angus Bull 105
Oz Limitless Angus Bull 90
Oz Runner Angus Bull 90
Oz Freckle European Cross Female 85
Oz Drumsticks Angus Bull 75
Oz Shadow Hunter Angus Female 70
Oz Tabasco European Cross Bull 60
Oz Sugarberry Angus Female 55
Oz Lightening Angus Female 50
Oz Show Dance Angus Female 50
Oz Crazy Cracker Angus Female 40
Oz Skyline Angus Female 35
Oz Charcoal Angus Bull 30
Oz Crazy Angus Bull 30
Oz Gray Mist European Cross Bull 30
Oz Clearwater Angus Female 25
Oz Firefall Angus Female 20
Oz Eastern Fox Angus Bull 20
Oz Jazzman European Cross Bull 20
Oz Dream Rose Angus Female 15
Oz Sunset Angus Female 15
Oz Marimba Angus Female 15
Oz Strong Heart Angus Female 10
Oz Flower Pot Angus Female 10
Oz Archangel Angus Female 10
Oz White Fire European Cross Bull 10
Oz Brave Boar Red Angus Bull 10
Oz Trotsky European Cross Bull 10
Oz Chocolate European Cross Female 0
Oz Ground Rider European Cross Bull 0
Oz On Demand European Cross Female 0
Oz Red Chaos European Cross Female 0
Oz Black Tiger Angus Bull 0
Oz Majesta Angus Female 0

Cattle for Sale

Name (Bids) Details High Bidder Current Price End of Sale
Oz Cyclone
1 Bids
Mature Bull
Six Eight Cattle $1,475 10/23/2017 5:31:41 PM
18 hours 1 minute

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
3T MUDSLIDE 10 $100
Oz Box Weapon 10 $100
Oz Dark Cloud 10 $100
RS Lou Avenger 14.0 12 $45
RS Unkie Avenger 14.0 8 $45

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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