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Run Buck is the name, Herefords are the game!

Currently breeding Herefords to dominate the show ring! See something you like? Send me an offer! Calves being born daily and many others maturing for breeding use.

I use strict cull lines in my breeding program. If you have any questions about my genetics or Herefords, please let me know!

I will not purchase cattle for more than they are worth, so no tire-kickers please. Thanks!


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Name Breed Sex Points
«RBG»™ Red Bull HH Polled Hereford Bull 1,654
«RBG»™ Prime Royalty 9.6 HH Polled Hereford Female 888
«RBG»™ Fall Eclipse 9.6 HB Hereford Bull 683
«RBG»™ Desperate Loner HH Hereford Female 575
«RBG»™ Sweet Mine HB 9.3 Hereford Bull 468
«RBG»™ Golden Rider HB 9.4 Hereford Bull 448
«RBG»™ Miller Time 9.4 HB Hereford Bull 370
«RBG»™ Brick Mansions 9.3 HH Polled Hereford Female 313
«RBG»™ Thunder Tiger 9.6 HB Hereford Bull 300
«RBG»™ Royally Tempted HB Polled Hereford Bull 263
«RBG»™ Golden Temptation HH Polled Hereford Female 205
«RBG»™ Final Cinnamon HB 9.2 Hereford Bull 150
«RBG»™ Prince Pebbles HB 9.4 Polled Hereford Bull 126
«RBG»™ Fancy Fantasy HB 9.4 Polled Hereford Bull 110
«RBG»™ Shiny Charm HB 9.6 Hereford Bull 100
«RBG»™ Baby Hunter HH 9.6 Polled Hereford Female 80
«RBG»™ Crawling Thunder HB 9.6 Hereford Bull 55
«RBG»™ Undeniably High 9.3 HB Polled Hereford Bull 55

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
«RBG»™ Red Bull HH 25 $50
CCc Royal Onion 7.3 65 $30

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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Signed Up: 11/29/2016
Account Level: Family
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Florida State #1
Hereford Bulls #2
Polled Hereford Bulls #4
Polled Hereford Females #7
Hereford Females #13
Overall Bulls #22
Overall Efficiency #25
Overall #42
Overall Females #54
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