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Run Buck is the name, Herefords are the game!

Currently breeding Herefords to dominate the show ring! See something you like? Send me an offer! Calves being born daily and many others maturing for breeding use.

~Top Cattle~ (Simbrahs)
35 breed wins!
Top Bull I bred in 2016

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Name Breed Sex Points
«RBG»™ Stormy Pockets 12.0HB Hereford Steer 98
«RBG»™ Red Bull HH Polled Hereford Bull 91
«RBG»™ Karma Charm 9.5 HB Hereford Bull 50
«RBG»™ Busters Gun 9.4 HS Hereford Steer 48
«RBG»™ Another Sundown 9.3 HS Polled Hereford Steer 40
«RBG»™ Fly High 9.4 HB Hereford Bull 40
«RBG»™ Spectacular Bid 9.4 HB Hereford Bull 30
«RBG»™ Cheap Steak 9.4 HS Hereford Steer 25
«RBG»™ Red Thunder 9.2 HS Hereford Steer 15
«RBG»™ GodShow 9.6 HB Hereford Bull 0
«RBG»™ Small Wave 9.4 HB Hereford Bull 0

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