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Focusin on the Females!
Welcome to T Bar S Cattle Co! My focus is on building a British based herd through quality females and extensive culling. You may notice I don't keep many herd bulls. This is due to my absolute focus on high quality females and keeping the most up to date sires in the tank.

I try to keep prices listed on cattle in the sale pen, but feel free to shoot me an offer.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Name Breed Sex Points
T-S SS Red Arthur 7.0 Shorthorn Bull 565
T-S Ang SS 063 Angus Steer 20
T-S SS SS 170 Shorthorn Steer 5
T-S Lim SS 034 Limousin Steer 5

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
T-S SS Red Day 1 7.1 57 $50
T-S SS Red Driver 6.9 19 $50
T-S SS Red Excaliber 6.8 48 $50
T-S SS Red Mesa 6.8 25 $50
T-S SS Red Santa 6.7 25 $50
T-S SS Rn Undesirable 7.0 37 $50
T-S SS Rn Viking 7.1 73 $50
T-S SS Roan Amen 7.2 20 $50
T-S SS Roan Historian 7.1 22 $50
T-S SS Roan Investment 6.9 64 $50

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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