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Sire selection is one of the most important decisions a cattleman has to make. At TWT Ranch, we offer a variety of genetic packages to meet the needs of our customer base. With calving ease and growth sires from which to choose, TWT Ranch bulls also offer maternal and carcass genetics in an eye appealing package. I raise bulls to add muscle to your steers and weight gain that is second to none. I have records to support fast growth in a short amount of time, my bulls are good for any program.

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Name Breed Sex Points
TWT Mrs Lady Bell H2114F Polled Hereford Female 436
TWT Mr Granite H3114F Polled Hereford Bull 383
TWT Jan19 17762398 Polled Hereford Bull 303
TWT Jan19 17762413 Hereford Female 300
TWT Mrs Arlene H1113F Polled Hereford Female 268
TWT Mr Rodney H3117F Polled Hereford Bull 245
TWT Mrs Gloria H1117F Hereford Female 240
TWT Mrs Le Madam H3114F Polled Hereford Female 220
TWT Jan19 17762429 Polled Hereford Bull 220
TWT Jan19 17780877 Hereford Female 210
TWT Mr Landslide H1114F Hereford Bull 203
TWT Mrs Royalty H4114F Polled Hereford Female 198
TWT Jan19 17780880 Polled Hereford Bull 195
TWT Mrs Henrietta H5114F Polled Hereford Female 180
TWT Jan19 17798055 Polled Hereford Bull 155
TWT Jan19 17780926 Hereford Bull 143
TWT Jan19 17780839 Hereford Female 100
TWT Mrs Fancy H3124F Polled Hereford Female 30
TWT Miss Debbie H2121F Polled Hereford Female 20
Kidron Valley Bull Calf # Polled Hereford Female 20
TWT Mrs Sally H1121F Hereford Female 10
TWT Mrs Salad H4124F Polled Hereford Female 10
TWT Ranch Bull Calf # Polled Hereford Bull 10

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
GF REMINGTON 69.8 30 $150
KIDRON 104 BY032 15 $75
REX 95098 NEXT 710A 45 $200
REX DEEP END 1022R 79 $125
REX HIGH TIDE 1022R 79 $125
TWT Mr Swat AR51130E 46 $50

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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