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Sire selection is one of the most important decisions a cattleman has to make. At TWT Ranch, we offer a variety of genetic packages to meet the needs of our customer base. With calving ease and growth sires from which to choose, TWT Ranch bulls also offer maternal and carcass genetics in an eye appealing package. I raise bulls to add muscle to your steers and weight gain that is second to none. I have records to support fast growth in a short amount of time, my bulls are good for any program.

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Name Breed Sex Points
KIDRON 104 BY032 Red Angus Bull 465
TWT Mrs Isabel AR1824E Red Angus Female 450
TWT Henrietta Pride AR4824E Red Angus Female 345
TWT Miss Annie AR1816E Red Angus Female 315
TWT Mr Joseph AR1821E Red Angus Bull 290
REX ICY HOT 827R Red Angus Bull 270
TWT Mrs Everest AR2824E Red Angus Female 250
TWT Mr Knockout AR2814E Red Angus Bull 205
TWT Mr Saul AR1828E Red Angus Bull 155
TWT Mr Clear AR3821E Red Angus Bull 140
TWT Mr Knockout AR1814E Red Angus Bull 115
TWT Mr Banjo AR1823E Red Angus Bull 110
REX 96 GLORY 719R Red Angus Female 105
TWT Henrietta Pride AR3816E Red Angus Female 105
TWT Mrs Isabel AR2816E Red Angus Female 105
TWT Miss Annie AR3824E Red Angus Female 90
TWT Mr Shear Force AR1830E Red Angus Bull 80
TWT Mrs Isabel AR291E Red Angus Female 65
TWT Miss Annie AR1829E Red Angus Female 55
TWT Mr Light AR2831E Red Angus Bull 45
TWT Mrs Annie AR191E Red Angus Female 40
TWT Mr Long Beard AR194E Red Angus Bull 25
TWT Mr Given AR698E* Red Angus Bull 5
TWT Mrs Rita AR898E Red Angus Female 5
TWT Mr Basket Case AR398E* Red Angus Bull 5
TWT Mr Goals AR598E* Red Angus Bull 5
TWT Mrs Henrietta Pride AR698E Red Angus Female 5
TWT Miss Lucy AR298E Red Angus Female 5
TWT Mrs Velvet AR6910E Red Angus Female 0
TWT Mrs 007 AR7910E Red Angus Female 0
TWT Mr Thick Head AR9910E* Red Angus Bull 0
TWT Mr T AR11910E* Red Angus Bull 0
TWT Mr Tight AR6910E* Red Angus Bull 0
TWT Mr BW AR12910E* Red Angus Bull 0
TWT Mr And One AR10910E* Red Angus Bull 0
TWT Mr Total Recall AR2914E* Red Angus Bull 0
TWT Mr Karate AR3914E* Red Angus Bull 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
LCOC Mr At Large 25 $50
LCOC Mr Catch It 24 $50
LCOC Mr Cheap Trick 71 $40
LCOC Mr CIA 41 $45
LCOC Mr Full Brother 25 $30
LCOC Mr High Security 25 $40
LCOC Mr High Water 49 $75
LCOC Mr King Man 25 $35
LCOC Mr Rule Maker 25 $40
LCOC Mr Solo 25 $30

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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