smith stock farm

Raising the best Maine and euro cross cattle I can with some of the best genetics in the game. If you find something you like please send me an email and we can discuss a price.

I would like to say thank you to the following ranches that have helped me on

Broke Again Brafords
Hidden Valley Stud
British Breeders
Bell Family Farms
Wishing Wells Cattle
Pinnacle Cattle Exchange
Bray Creek Herefords
Thank each one of you for your help thus far, especially British Breeders who without their help I still wouldn't understand the basics on this game.

If you are needing help getting started in the game Hodg Farms and Spring Hill Show Stock are all willing to loan money and give cattle. Just email them and if you don't get a reply in 2 days resend it as they get a lot of mail and could over look it.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
S.S.F. Show Me Pearls 33.33 Maine Anjou Female 1,223
S.S.F. Last Chance 38.34 684 Angus Female 916
S.S.F. Sun Set 44.47 701 Red Angus Female 642
S.S.F. White Panel 23.24 648 Shorthorn Female 451
S.S.F. Angry Lady 25.18 652 Shorthorn Female 363
RR TH 15932696 ET Simmental Steer 325
RR SOA 15944129 Simmental Steer 175
S.S.F. Show Sparkles 91.89 Shorthorn Female 163
S.S.F. Delta Farce 51.55 711 Charolais Bull 105
S.S.F. Gunsmoke 55.54 708 Brahman Cross Female 101
S.S.F. Summit Ride 47.43 694 Angus Female 80
S.S.F. Little Girl 48.41 692 Red Angus Female 75
S.S.F. Moms Dreams 57.56 716 Charolais Female 60
S.S.F. Texas Girl 43.44 691 Red Angus Female 25
DKT Little Joe 9078 Red Angus Bull 10
Petey-Built Team Down 77.2 Maine Anjou Female 5
S.S.F. Pinz SS Red Hole 8559 European Cross Steer 0
S.S.F. Pinz SS Red Panda 8564 European Cross Steer 0
S.S.F. Choice of Show 36.34 Maine Anjou Female 0
S.S.F. Show Candy 98.94 Limousin Female 0
S.S.F. Show Girl 01.03 Limousin Female 0
S.S.F. Showy Style 03.06 Simmental Female 0

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Bull Straws Price
None Available.

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