September 2017 Hereford Futurity VII - Hereford Steers

Cattle that did not place in the top ten are not listed in order.

Animal Owner Placing
SD ZM 15291552 MC SS S D Cattle Grand Champion
          The best topline in the class. The expressive hindquarter of the group. The best stifle muscle in the class. The deepest animal in the class. We would like to see a little more neck extension here. This steer is about as close to choice as you can get.
G F Jul17 15315597 Crazy Feeders Reserve Grand Champion
          The best front legs in the class. This steer is about as close to choice as you can get.
STOUT CC 15302176 GC SS Stout Herefords 3rd in Class
          The most correctly sized frame. Needs a little more depth of rib. The best hing leg in the class. The best neck extension in the class. You might want to lay off the corn on this steer.
LSC Royal Blend 6263 Legend Show Cattle 4th in Class
          Lacking a bit in the top. Needs some more hindquarter to compete here. Just doesn't have the pop in the stifle. Not the right frame size for this group. The best bone structure in the class. I don't like how the hind legs are setup. This steer is starting to show too much in the tail head.
«RBG»™ Stormy Pockets 12.0HB Run Buck Genetics 5th in Class
          A litte light boned compared to the rest of the class. A little incorrect up front.