Top 100 Ranches - British Cross Steers

State Rankings
ABC Steers
American Market Heifers
American Cross Bulls
American Cross Females
Angus Bulls
Angus Females
Angus Steers
AOB Steers
Balancer Bulls
Balancer Females
Beefmaster Bulls
Beefmaster Females
Beefmaster Steers
Belgian Blue Bulls
Belgian Blue Females
Braford Bulls
Braford Females
Brahmaine Bulls
Brahmaine Females
Brahmaine Steers
Brahman Bulls
Brahman Females
Brahman Cross Bulls
Brahman Cross Females
Brahman Cross Steers
Brahmousin Bulls
Brahmousin Females
Brahmousin Steers
Brangus Bulls
Brangus Females
British Market Heifers
British Cross Bulls
British Cross Females
British Cross Steers
Charbray Bulls
Charbray Females
Charolais Bulls
Charolais Females
Charolais Steers
ChiAngus Bulls
ChiAngus Females
Chianina Bulls
Chianina Females
Chianina Steers
European Cross Bulls
European Cross Females
Exotic Females
Exotic Market Heifers
Gelbray Bulls
Gelbray Females
Gelbray Steers
Gelbvieh Bulls
Gelbvieh Females
Gelbvieh Steers
Hereford Bulls
Hereford Females
Hereford Steers
Limousin Bulls
Limousin Females
Limousin Steers
Maine Angus Bulls
Maine Angus Females
Maine Anjou Bulls
Maine Anjou Females
Maine Anjou Steers
Pinzgauer Bulls
Pinzgauer Females
Pinzgauer Steers
Polled Hereford Bulls
Polled Hereford Females
Polled Hereford Steers
Red Angus Bulls
Red Angus Females
Red Angus Steers
Santa Gertrudis Bulls
Santa Gertrudis Females
Santa Gertrudis Steers
Shorthorn Bulls
Shorthorn Females
Shorthorn Steers
SimAngus Bulls
SimAngus Females
SimAngus Steers
Simbrah Bulls
Simbrah Females
Simbrah Steers
Simmental Bulls
Simmental Females
Simmental Steers


Did you know?
There are about 900 breeds of sheep in the world.
Did you know?
A two year old sheep is called a two-tooth.