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EPL WPM Table 6R2

100.00% Charolais
Color: White
Born: 7/7/2022
Age: 33d / 1m
Sex: Female
Recip for: No
Bred To: Hawkeye FFA WW x2252
Due: 8/13/2022 1:12:27 AM
Weight: 838 lbs.
Horns: Horned
ID: 24264263
Registered: Charolais
Status: Pregnant
Owner: zja
Breeder: El Palmar
Ration: High Quality Pasture + Supplements
BW: 102
WW: 404

Check for Embryos
General Traits
Topline Hindquarter Frame Size Eye Appeal Condition
11.5 9.8 6.5 9.7 3.9

Pedigree of EPL WPM Table 6R2
EPL Cowboy Jeans 51LL
EPL Whiskey Jalos M CJ 95MM
EPL Whiskey Jalos Maybe 36HH
EPL Table CC WJ 41QQ
EPL Cowboy Jeans 51LL
EPL Table Cartuja Cowgirl 52MM
EPL Table Cartuja Sugar 21FF
Generation 109
-BK- Prairie Dirt 76.3
-BK- Maybe Not 75
-BK- Pack Of Reds 75.2
EPL Whiskey Pork Maybe 16JJ
EPL CH HooDoo Airman 83k
EPL Whiskey and Pork HD 25DD
EPL CH Whiskey and Pork 43k
Detailed Traits
Topline 11.5
Hindquarter 11.0
Stifle 5.0
Frame Size 6.5
Bone 11.0
Capacity 8.9
Shoulders/Front Legs 8.2
Hind Legs 8.8
Extension 11.9
Over Ribs 3.9
Tailhead 0.5
Brisket 0.5
Show Stats
Points: 0
Breed Wins: 0
Earnings: $0

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