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Author Topic : Manual feeding.
 Duffield farms
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I think the game should get manual feeding because then it will be more realistic. What do you guys think.
Manual feeding.
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 Sage Brush Cattle Farms
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I Think ranches and cattle would suffer greatly. Not everyone is able to log on every day and at certain times to feed their cattle.

Think about this. Every ranch on this game has "Ranch hands" who feeds the animals on time every day, they remove stillborn calves and cattle that die in the fields so that we never have to see or deal with that task. They also drop off and pick up animals from ranch to ranch or the auctions. They are very dependable and free.

We also have drivers and handlers who transport and present our show cattle in shows. Again for free.

We also have free vets. Shall I go on.
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1/15/2021 1:10:13 PM reply with quote send message to WONG Object to Post

yes, go on sage

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