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 Rainbow Ridge
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Are there any incentives to play this game anymore? I really would love to merge my accounts into one, but I know this antiquated system cannot handle that- most recent game name that I play under is BouncyBovine. This is my original account.

But where is the incentive to pay and play this game? Half the features don’t work anymore and the market hasn’t fluctuated in nearly 3 years.

I don’t want to leave this game completely, as is I’m a part time player, but I’m curious if there are other, more lifelike games out there similar to this one? I’ve always loved Showcattle, even in all its simplicity. I just wish the features worked and we could go back 3 years when the game was still fun and exciting. sad :(
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The American rancher wished it would go back 3 years also, when their was a better market, but they are hangin in their..

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