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Author Topic : Mel Gibson Taking the Flag and Running Back Into the Battle!
 Rex Ranch
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We need some folks to be like Mel Gibson in both The Patriot and Braveheart, where he takes the flag during a retreat and runs back toward the enemy.

If several people disperse their herds now and stop, then instead of the simulation ending in December, it will end in July. By dispersing in bulk, you are flooding the market and killing the price for your premium cattle. I haven't heard from any of the High Frame folks that are committed to working on their herds. Who would have been the first to hit 17.0 frame? We will never know.

I currently have 50 or so Angus steers that have the potential to be the overall Grand Champion. I can't show them all. I would be glad to sell them for pound price to anyone who will further develop them and show them. You pick which ones you want and I'll just keep working on the left overs and making more. I would love for you to come and work on Angus steers.

We need some people to join 44 on developing high quality Maine steers, a couple of you Shorthorn folks develop some awesome Shorties, some of you Herefords do the same, etc. etc. and let's see if we can get a big competition going for the daily overall Grand Champion steer. Let's make it hard for the judges in fantasy land to decide which steer is best., for some reason, is going to stop computing and log off on January 1st, 2023. But, it didn't shut down on July 12th, 2022. We have six months to duke it out. If you know your stuff, you have six months to prove it.

Much of the country is stuck in a severe drought. The folks in Montana have lived through drought for about 8 years. There have been severe fires in Nebraska and Kansas in recent months or years. Being active in the cattle business requires getting through the droughts and fires and coyotes and bad decisions and high fuel and your kids wanting to move to the suburbs and your mother in law thinking you are a lazy idiot with no motivation and the banker telling you to pay up and a million other things that can go wrong. is an incredible tool for illustrating what decisions have to be made to be successful in ranching and beef cattle production. Having six months to go is a powerful lesson.

I raise purebred Red Angus in west Kentucky as Ison Red Angus. My awesome son is Ison Cattle Company. If I learned today that an asteroid would hit the earth on December 31st, 2022 and destroy all life on planet earth...I would continue raising cattle until the sky falls and kills me or the animals first. In six months on I can produce six generations of Red Angus and Angus that have never been seen before. I am very excited to have six months left. I'm grateful that instead of Jeff saying "today is the last day, I'll refund your money!" he said, "You have until December 31st and I'll refund your money if you want to quit before then."

Thank you Admin Jeff for giving us six more months. I am grateful that you will take $25/mo. from me for the next six months. It is a great privilege to be able to take part in your business and services.
 Gehret Show Stock
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7/12/2022 1:06:17 PM reply with quote send message to Gehret Show Stock Object to Post

And God looked down and said AMEN! Helluva to put it. Keep fighting the good fight.
 Thompson Family Cattle
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7/12/2022 5:02:06 PM reply with quote send message to Thompson Family Cattle Object to Post

I’ll be here until the page wont reload I just put up one of the best angus bulls I’ve ever produced in auction and selling stuff I normally would hold onto for a bit just to keep people interested I don’t have the best stuff but I’m going to keep trying until Jeff says otherwise
 Gold N Silver
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7/12/2022 11:59:40 PM reply with quote send message to Gold N Silver Object to Post

I am still here and will be until the end. My goal is to have 16.5 frames before the site shuts down. The 16.4's are really close to coming and given it takes about 5 generations to move .1 frame now it is going to be really close!!!
 Starbuck ranch
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7/13/2022 10:57:34 AM reply with quote send message to Starbuck ranch Object to Post

Amen! Was hoping others would choose to stick around until the end like me. I’ll be going strong until the game is at it’s end
 Pleasure Acres
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7/13/2022 2:40:01 PM reply with quote send message to Pleasure Acres Object to Post

Well that got me fired up!

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