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Here at Boerjan Show Cattle, we dabble into almost every breed imaginable. We are currently working with Pinzgauer cattle to get a nice Pinz influence into our cattle for Pinz show steers.
In the past, we were known for our British Cross cattle and we have started a new and improved Brit herd.


Pinz Cross Cattle
ChiAngus Cattle
SimAngus Cattle
Bringing back the White Shorthorns

Thanks for looking!

PS>>>> We are ALWAYS in a buying mood, especially for feeder heifers and shorthorn females. If you have anything up for grabs, please, don't hesitate to send us an email with a link.

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Name Breed Sex Points
CLX COWBOY TOBY 44X T899 Angus Bull 180
CLX RT Toby SS T900 Angus Steer 65
CLX BrX SS T1603 British Cross Steer 58
CLX Lancaster Lady 302X T303 Maine Angus Female 0

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