Coakley Cattle Company

Welcome to Coakley Cattle Company! We're currently rebuilding the old brand, and have recently gotten into Angus. We're always looking for a good deal and everything on the farm is for sale for the right price!

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Name Breed Sex Points
C3 PZ9 Goose Gun Pinzgauer Female 690
C3 MA55 Hawkeye CD Maine Anjou Female 440
JSA Olivia 930T Angus Female 436
HEP ANG Good Luck 9.3 Angus Female 320
WOK MA Conn Artist 6.9 F 76.4 Maine Anjou Female 310
WCCX Roxie Iron 1911 Pinzgauer Female 245
C3 MA62 Final Burrito 6 Maine Anjou Female 190
C3 MA58 Lone Panther 5 Maine Anjou Female 140
HP RT 4 GETTIN 5356 75.3 Maine Anjou Bull 125
C3 MA64 Final Burrito 8 Maine Anjou Female 85
C3 MAS9 Lone Panther 4 Maine Anjou Steer 55
C3 MA68 Witchy Jenna 5 Maine Anjou Female 55
C3 MA59 Voodoo Burrito Maine Anjou Steer 30
C3 MAS12 Final Burrito 3 Maine Anjou Steer 30

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
BUF11 FIRE COBB 15 $150
XTR An Late Arrival 086 15 $50

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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Signed Up: 10/23/2018
Account Level: Standard
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Current Rankings
Oklahoma State #3
Pinzgauer Females #3
Maine Anjou Bulls #4
Maine Anjou Females #4
Maine Anjou Steers #5
Angus Females #9
Overall Steers #15
Overall Females #22
Overall #32
Overall Efficiency #41
Overall Bulls #61
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