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Built on bringing some great cattle from angus to all kinds or cattle even some good crosses

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Name Breed Sex Points
Big bossman Polled Hereford Bull 646
Brand new mans miss liberty Polled Hereford Female 625
Hillary’s Oceania European Cross Female 541
Piñata collatta Gelbvieh Steer 536
Hillary’s breakdown European Cross Female 453
Wolvsims cool outlaw Simmental Steer 414
Sandys applelecider Balancer Female 409
Tear Ronan’s creation Shorthorn Female 403
Kiss my assets death sentance Belgian Blue Bull 363
Caissie universal heart break Limousin Female 294
Notorious intents Balancer Female 287
Tornado party Gelbvieh Bull 260
Christmas mans survivor Gelbvieh Steer 230
Hillary’s Christmas eve Brahman Cross Female 213
phoenix home time Limousin Female 208
Hillary’s Christmas angel European Cross Female 155
22008163 Angus Bull 125
Black lights Angus Female 115
Fla cheerfulness Gelbvieh Female 110
Scandalous red Red Angus Female 70
Wolvsims Nero Simmental Steer 30
Hillary’s white and blue cup European Cross Steer 25
Whites 5 stars Belgian Blue Female 20
Cassies lotta meat Brahman Cross Bull 13
Hillary’s atlas breakdown European Cross Bull 0
Balns red raddison Balancer Female 0
Boss mans miss liberty Polled Hereford Female 0
Applecider red raddison Balancer Bull 0
Universal Phoenix lord Limousin Female 0
Hillary’s hillbilly deluxe European Cross Steer 0
Scandalous pure capital Red Angus Steer 0

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Current Rankings
Gelbvieh Steers #2
Brahman Cross Females #3
Simmental Steers #3
Canada State #4
Balancer Females #4
Belgian Blue Bulls #4
Limousin Females #4
Gelbvieh Bulls #4
Gelbvieh Females #5
AOB Steers #5
Brahman Cross Bulls #5
Overall Efficiency #5
Shorthorn Females #6
European Cross Females #7
Belgian Blue Females #9
Polled Hereford Bulls #9
Red Angus Females #12
Polled Hereford Females #13
Overall Steers #13
Angus Bulls #18
Angus Females #22
Overall Females #34
Overall #42
Overall Bulls #57
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