El Palmar

El Palmar Ranch is back after near 5 years out of the game.
Visit us any time to view our comeback effort into Charolais breeding.
Thanks for looking around!

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Name Breed Sex Points
EPL Whiskey Jalos Burbon 57JJ Charolais Bull 440
EPL Highway Hot WC 38JJ Charolais Female 373
EPL Forgive Cartuja S 43JJ Charolais Bull 310
EPL Table Cartuja Burbon 1KK Charolais Female 310
EPL Ice Cream Party 3JJ Charolais Female 294
EPL Great BG Cartuja 44JJ Charolais Female 293
EPL Mind Cart Sugar 40JJ Charolais Bull 185
EPL Table Cartujo Burbon 56JJ Charolais Bull 145
EPL Cartuja Aussie BSugar 13KK Charolais Female 80
EPL Forgive Cart Sugar 17KK Charolais Female 60
EPL Ice Cream P Jalos 18KK Charolais Female 35
EPL Table Party CS 16KK Charolais Bull 20
EPL Blue Jean Baby 31KK Charolais Female 10
EPL QRR Cartuja Aussie 37KK Charolais Bull 0
EPL Whiskey Jalos BM 39KK Charolais Bull 0
EPL TP Cartuja Sugar 35KK Charolais Female 0
EPL Table Cartuja Sugar 34KK Charolais Female 0
EPL BN Cart Sugar 36KK Charolais Female 0
EPL Table Cartujo BM 40KK Charolais Bull 0
EPL Ice Cream Smoke BM 42KK Charolais Female 0
EPL Great BG Cartuja SK 53KK Charolais Female 0
EPL Forgive Sugar King 51KK Charolais Bull 0

Cattle for Sale

Name (Bids) Details High Bidder Current Price End of Sale
EPL Table Cartuja Burbon 58JJ
3 Bids
Open Female
STARR SHOW CATTLE $1,525 12/7/2021 9:05:32 AM
1 day 9 hours 56 minutes
Hillary 5102021 76.9
25 Bids
Open Female
STARR SHOW CATTLE $2,050 12/8/2021 9:13:01 AM
2 days 10 hours 4 minutes

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
)TFC( Outlaw 825 8.9 13 $5
528 Cento 8511 26 $5
BEAR Hops 2676B 17 $5
BEAR Soft Spot 5442B 10 $5
EPSLP A Sure Pamela VBO 291B 17 $5
EPSLP Candy Shop APB 493B 40 $5
EPSLP Down Under DB 116E 25 $5
EPSLP Fundaor V 12L 15 $5
EPSLP Intern Centro 574B 25 $5
EPSLP LM Anymore PB 319B 12 $5
EPSLP MA Paparazzi DW 403B 25 $5
EPSLP Southern Runner 63H 24 $5
J/HT You Can Imagine WT6.4EE 18 $5
KVR Baron Henry Spent Bastien 25 $5
KVR Henry II 2177B 22 $5
Mr. V B013013A 10 $5
Petey-Built Master 6 $5

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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