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Principles I live by:

1. "What gets measured, gets improved" This is why I created the composite scoring system widely used today and continue to tinker with a few other similar indices.

2. Honesty- Do what is right.

3. Integrity- Do your best.

These are the values I hold my GNS brand to. If they appeal to you please look around and contact me with your ideas. Thanks!

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Name Breed Sex Points
GNS W ROYALMASTER Pinzgauer Bull 1,687
GNS W RINGMAN Pinzgauer Bull 1,437
GNS W GOLD ROSE Pinzgauer Female 1,275
GNS W ROSEGOLD Pinzgauer Female 944
GNS W RAGS TO RICHES Pinzgauer Bull 823
GNS W ROYAL BLOOD Pinzgauer Bull 736
GNS W RAINMAKER Pinzgauer Bull 511
GNS W ROYAL CHARMER Pinzgauer Bull 459
GNS W ROYAL HIGHNESS Pinzgauer Female 439
GNS W ROYALTON Pinzgauer Bull 383
GNS RUBY Pinzgauer Female 326
GNS W ROYAL DELTA Pinzgauer Bull 270
GNS SHARK BAIT Pinzgauer Bull 220
GNS W RINGO Pinzgauer Bull 105
GNS W RETREAT Pinzgauer Bull 50
GNS A RED ROSE Pinzgauer Female 40
GNS A RUBICON Pinzgauer Bull 0
GNS L REIGNS Pinzgauer Female 0
GNS A GOLD ROSE Pinzgauer Female 0
GNS A GOLDEN SWORD Pinzgauer Bull 0

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Pinzgauer Bulls #1
Pinzgauer Females #2
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