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High Point Trail Farms

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Name Breed Sex Points
HPTF MA Mr Expansion 10.2E Maine Anjou Bull 805
HPTF MA Resolved Conflict 9.9E Maine Anjou Bull 801
HPTF MA Top Tier 10E Maine Anjou Bull 720
HPTF AC Local Call Girl 9.3E American Cross Female 531
HPTF MA Mission Audit 10.1E Maine Anjou Bull 470
HPTF MA Expanded Skirt 10.1E Maine Anjou Female 465
HPTF SG Heat Seeker 9.2E Santa Gertrudis Bull 443
HPTF MA Corset Expansion 10.2E Maine Anjou Female 440
HPTF SG Wild Sally 9.1E Santa Gertrudis Female 439
HPTF SG Bad Company 9.1E Santa Gertrudis Bull 379
HPTF MA Cowboy Warz 10.2E Maine Anjou Bull 375
HPTF SG Dead Whiskey 9.0E Santa Gertrudis Bull 324
HPTF MA Stacked Momma 10.3E Maine Anjou Female 315
HPTF MA Double Standards 10.4E Maine Anjou Bull 310
HPTF SG Bird Doggin 9.1E Santa Gertrudis Bull 295
HPTF MA Steamline 10E Maine Anjou Bull 290
HPTF Char White Pine 9.2E Charolais Bull 260
HPTF BB Bottom Bucket 8.1E Belgian Blue Bull 245
HPTF MA Perfect Dress 10E Maine Anjou Female 235
HPTF SG Queen Robyn 9.1E Santa Gertrudis Female 217
HPTF FF Drama Queen 8.4E Belgian Blue Female 178
HPTF BB Asian Queen 8.3E Belgian Blue Female 153
HPTF SG USS Nimitz 9.2E Santa Gertrudis Bull 121

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
1LSC Double G 7 $25
Bar M Rubens 10 $75
BWF Dec10 5791373 5 $5
HPTF 7Ho9229 Farsano 9.9E 8 $25
HPTF MAng Inferior Lead 9.3E 5 $25
HPTF MAng London Lookout 9.8E 9 $25

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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Santa Gertrudis Females #1
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