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Here at K T Cattle we focus on producing high quality Maines with added value. Even though I don't spend a lot of time runnin my cattle through the show pen, they would definitely be competitive. All of my cattle are structurally correct, big boned, long necked, thick muscled and just down right pretty. On top of that, they're black...(I have issues, I know...)

Stroll around and check out my stock. If you believe you have something that I could use...drop me a line. If you see something that you could use...drop me a line. Everything's for sale for the right price...and I'm always in the market for a better bull or donor...(as long as it's black! lol)

Thanks for stopping by. Take care.



KT MA Chain Reaction x -D First Verdict

KT MA Off The Chain
CAMP Hideout 511 x KT MA Break The Chains
Shown 51 times = 49 Breed Championships, 2 Reserve

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