Lazy JM brahmas

"Breeding whatever puts the numbers on the checks"
Here at Lazy JM We strive to raise the best Brahman and Brahman Influence cattle we can. We strive to raise the best purebred and crossbred seedstock that fit any herd. We will sale anything for the right price just PM me. I'm glad to answer any questions that I can about something your interested in. I'm also more than happy to provide 40 scores on anything I have them for.(Note* I do not have the 40 score on everything but i will provide it if i have it. Thank you). And if you see the LJM on an animal we want you to know its a quality one. Also i'm more than happy to pen cattle for people for more details PM me. As of October 2020 Lazy JM is partnering with Rocker JK to form the JJ breeding program. Both programs will stay independant as well as work together. Also do penning work if you need some PM me.

Also Checkout our other ranch where we keep our commercial herd and black HF's and feeder calf sets for sale

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
HRR AN Robinsons Story 74.4 24 $5
LJM AN/CH 1508 Yeller 71.2 25 $5
LJM AN/CH 2216 Razzle 71.1 10 $5
LJM BrMa 913 2nd Hand 53.7 29 $5
LJM FF 636 Clubs 67.7 62 $5
RWC HITLIST 0221 23 $5
T/G TM Walk the Walk 74.2 45 $5
T/G Valiant Walk 73.8 23 $5
WCCX Cartoon Duke 7011 29 $5
Yoko Kurama 25 $5

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.