Lester Angus ranch

At Lester Angus ranch we produce Good quality angus cattle. We also offer our customers guarantees too.
1.) if you see any Lester Bull in our herd you like, we can arrange to let you try some of there semen out ,next to no cost. We like to get feedback from our customers on the offspring.
2.) If you purchase a bull from Lester Angus and want to sell your feeder calves or even stocker cattle, message us and we will give you a high premium for your cattle. Must be sired by any Lester Bull.
3.) we can arrange to collect embryos on any of our females with your choice of bull mating, next to no cost on that as well. (Must be a Lester female)
Feel free to contact me with any questions or just a nice conversation.
Thank you, Lester Angus ranch

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
3T TALLER 22 $125
Lester Beefy Ruger D256 5 $100
REX 102 SS CHAMP 624A 12 $150
REX CARL 1029A 4 $125
REX CLASSIC 822A 22 $150
REX HEREAFTER 905A 12 $150
REX HERO 909A 10 $150
REX MONSTER 331A 5 $150

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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