Australias Premium Livestock Breeding Facility.

Established on the 30th of August 2007, by owner Matt Martin, with a focus in mind for quality Limousin cattle.

over the last 9 1/2 years the business has been through ups and downs, buying in and selling up several times.

now back once more with more of a diverse approach to taking on the showcattle world.

taking on not just our signature Limousins but also trying our hand in the Maine Anjou and Charolais Breeds.

with a focus on pushing all stats in European Breeds. we also want to push the showsteer breeding.

our feedlot is run on our other farm - Australian Livestock Exchange where we operate in bulk feedlot. not only do we feed and finish our own calves but purchase outside cattle.

Champions come and go but Legends never die.

Matt Martin.

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