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Hi everybody Welcome to Raid Coast Ranch!
I breed the best line of Angus and Hereford cattle!

My Angus cattle are always in shows no matter what!Once they have enough points they will be put up For Sale.

My Hereford cattle samething with the Angus they are in shows no matter what!Also goes for with the points!

.About Me.
I'm 16 years old.I wonder if I'm the youngest player on here? Well anyways I am in a 4-H club but with rabbits though I would like to be in with horses,cows,sheep,goats,pigs,chickens.I would love to do all of that! I probabaly will do all of that I'm thinking of getting 2 chickens have 1 on my property and the other one at the barn where I ride.OK I guess some of you might have notice that when I wasn't on for a while in the beginning of August for some of you don't know I do show rabbits.I've was so close of getting BOB(Best of Breed) but the stupid judge said something about my rabbit's coat but I really didn't listen.I hope that my rabbit Gallagher will get BOB next year.I have a rabbit name Charlotte and she is a Holland Lop,also I have a Black Bear Hamster! Luna passed away in Oct. of 2005!

.My Pastures.
Show String Pasture-Ready For Show
Holding Pen-Feeding
Pasture 1-Females(40 days old)
Pasture 2-Young Bulls(18 days old)
Pasture 3-Pregnant
Pasture 4-Babys (1 day old)
Pasture 5-Mature Bulls (81 days old)
Pasture 6-Steers ready for breeding
Pasture 7-Females ready for breeding
Pasture 8-Steers and Females already been bred.
Feedlot Pen-For Babys/Feedings for once a week that will be on Sundays.
Salepen-Cattle For Sale and/or getting ready to be in Auction.

.My Hall of Fame Cattle.
RCR Gabby SunShine
RCR Gabby Haz

When you email please put on subject from so I won't delete samething when IMing me. Thank You

.Cattle Might Be For Sale.
Here is my little section of where I put my Cattle's Name if they might be up For Sale really soon.

.Cattle Who Are Retired.
I will have my Retired Cattle in different pastures according to there age.Once they have been Retired and have enough points they will be in the pasture where they are only for breeding.

.About RCR.
RCR rasies Angus and Hereford.Our ranch is going a little bit strong we have 1 Breed Champion here and I hope everything will go well! More stuff will come up as the days and week and months go on.If you are looking at my cattle and if we don't have nothing you want then please email me and I'll be glad to help you by any chances! If you see one of my females you like and if you want a good calf out of her I'll breed her and sell you the calf for any price what so ever! If you are looking something here that you found that is GREAT! Please check back once in a while when I will have some Cattle For Sale! "Don't Get Shout Out!"

11/10/06 I'm trying to get better cattle now since I have to start all over. I have to breed cattle to get the best!
4/9/06 I'm thinking about switching the Holding Pen just for the Cattle to rest for a show for a few hours or possibly just 1 day; and then I can make the Feedlot Pen for feedings. Or I will just make the Holding Pen and Feedlot for feedings,Feedlot will probably be used once a week for feeding.
4/1/06 Happy April Fool's Day!!! Yes,yes,yes I know I haven't been on here for a long,long,very long time. I know my Ranch Ranking is #3.......and that isn't REALLY good for me and my Ranch! I am trying to get more cattle in my ranch. Currently right now we raise now are the following.........Angus,Hereford,and Red Angus ONLY!!! Please come back soon......for more Updates!!!!!!!!

.Pictures of the Fair.
Check out the 05' Fair Pictures that I've took! I know their is only 1!!!!! But their will be much more coming really soon!I hope you like this one.

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