Sage Brush Cattle Farms

Owned And Operated By Samantha & Hannah.
(100% Purebloods)

Located on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington.


Our Mission:

Sage Brush Cattle Farms (SBCF) is owned by Samantha and Hannah since 2007. We occupy some 200+ "simulated" lush acres on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. We thrive to breed and raise the best Simbrah cattle. All our Simbrah is on a Premium Show Mix (PSM) diet from Birth to 90 days. Simbrah calves born our our ranch is scored at Birth, 15 days, 30 days and finally 40 days. Sage Brush Cattle Farms maximizes flexibility in our breeding in developing perfect genetics. We thrive for the best traits in selecting breeding females.
Note: Our market cattle are grass fed. We do not score them.

Our Promise

1: We will NOT fire our Cattle Guards.
2: All our cattle WILL fart and burp at will.
3: Our cattle will NOT wear burp masks or fart bags.

Our Calf Contractors
Antonelli cattle

This is sad day. "" is officially ending at the end of the year. We will be here until our membership runs out early December. After that we will Christmas gift ourselves with Farming Sim 22 (PS4).

SBCF's Major Show Steer Winners 2022.

January 2022 Simsteer National

SBCF - Burchard Banks

SBCF - Xander Maggot

SBCF - Huebald Hogpen

January 2022 International Internet Invitational

SBCF - Bling Echo

SBCF - Black Licorice

SBCF - Perky Whisper

February 2022 Simsteer National

SBCF - Elm Dream

SBCF - Wild Freak

SBCF - Gemini Grail

March 2022 Simsteer National.

SBCF - Aloha Candytree

SBCF - Rainrock Grayspeck

SBCF - Pacific Jewel

March 2022 International Internet Invitational

SBCF - Forest Blacktoad

SBCF - Victor Sweete

SBCF - Velocity Volcano

April 2022 Simsteer National

SBCF - Dakota Kidd

SBCF - Skydance Kidd

SBCF - River Dancer

April 2022 International Internet Invitational.

SBCF - Coconut Fudge

SBCF - Shadow Knight

SBCF - Blackjack Kidd

May 2022 Simsteer National

SBCF - Pacific Kidd

SBCF - Frank Freedom

SBCF - Freedom Kidd

May 2022 International Internet Invitational

SBCF - Fire Angel

SBCF - Enchanted Rain

SBCF - Santana Rain

June 2022 Simsteer National

SBCF - Unseen Sweete

SBCF - Timber Hotpie

SBCF - Arcadia Sweete

June 2022 International Internet Invitational

SBCF - Shimmer Echo

SBCF - Buddy Echo

SBCF - Cocoa Echo

SBCF's Hall Of Fame 2022.

SBCF - Canyon Echo - 30 Breed Champions. (GOLD)

SBCF - Luke Kobe - 48 Breed Champions. (GOLD)

SBCF - Winter Peach - 46 Breed Champions. (GOLD)

SBCF - Lovina Tindall - 32 Breed Champions. (GOLD)

SBCF - Arial Blacktoad - 30 Breed Champions. (GOLD)

SBCF - Demon Scream - 27 Breed Champions. (GOLD)

SBCF - Seattle Rain - 40 Breed Champions. (GOLD)

SBCF - Melinda Diamond - 31 Breed Champions. (GOLD)

SBCF - Lucky Kidd - 40 Breed Champions. (GOLD)

SBCF - Krazy Party - 31 Breed Champions. (GOLD)

Plus, 14 (SILVER) And 17 (BRONZE) Hall of Famers

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