Sippi Show Stock

With high standards and superior genetics,SSS is dedicated to your success in the show ring and in the pasture.
Strong focus on Maine and Maine-angus, red angus, and Chi-angus. Always looking for the next great addition to my herd, and always willing to help you find yours here at Sippi Show Stock.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
~SSS~ Ahrrenius 124G Maine Angus Female 1,654
~SSS~ Bearded Bro 129G Brahman Cross Bull 1,220
~SSS~ GS Holo 593 Maine Anjou Bull 644
~SSS~ Cold Bone 999G Maine Angus Bull 439
~SSS~ Maine Angus Female 283
~SSS~ BNL Star 575 ET Maine Angus Female 166
~SSS~ FW WD 4847 American Cross Female 136
~SSS~ BrM TD 1930 Brahman Cross Bull 118
~SSS~ FW Society 690H Maine Angus Bull 58
~SSS~ BB Bell 1051 American Cross Female 53
~SSS~ Dv Roul 521H Maine Angus Female 40
~SSS~ G- Maine Angus Bull 30
~SSS~ Ext Secret 906H Maine Angus Female 10

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
~SSS~ Bushwacker 132F 15 $100
~SSS~ ByPass 122G 32 $200
~SSS~ GS Holo 593 25 $175

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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Brahman Cross Bulls #1
Maine Angus Females #2
American Cross Females #3
Iowa State #5
Maine Angus Bulls #5
Maine Anjou Bulls #9
Maine Anjou Females #25
Overall Bulls #52
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Overall #58
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