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Welcome to Starbuck Ranch! As of now, we are striving to be the top Charolais breeder in the game. Lately, we have been able to create exceptional Char bloodlines, and encourage you to go take a look at our semen we have for sale. Now, on a slightly different note, embryos will be available in the future. I’m a firm believer in the fact that a donor needs to win before you should sell embryos out of her, and my cattle are no exception. Be on the lookout for our many time champion Purebred heifer J7 Milky White.

|| Keep your calves close and Jesus closer ||

On the side of our purebred Char operation, we breed Clubby cattle. Essentially, We cross the best Maine-Anjou and European cross bulls on the game on our best Charolais cows. In, we get a good show quality animal. And while we’re on the subject of show, ALL OF MY CATTLE ARE BRED FOR SHOW! These are not commercial Charolais. They are bred to excel in the showring, then go on to produce more show calves. My show stock are not fed PSM, I felt like I should put that out there. They are fed different custom rations depending on age, sex, and finish. Rarely will we show steers. Now, ladies and gentlemen, have a good day a thanks for stopping by!

*Please, if you are interested in entering the Charolais breed, buying one of my animals, or selling me show quality cattle, feel free to PM me. I’m always happy to chat with someone about the Charolais breed!

|| Starbuck's club calf operation ||
I think my real passion in this game is probably my club calf operation. I'm pleased as I see it's steadily growing, my stock getting better and better each calving season. Maine Anjou influence is a big thing here, although Charolais is just as prominent. In the future I'd like to have an annual show calf sale, so I encourage you to be on the lookout for that in the forum. All clubby bulls and females are for sale for a price; although some I'm not willing to let go for cheap. We do offer a custom mating here, you can go to my forum post to further read about it. I've begun to flush my females more frequently; my female J7 Sheza Unpaid Intern being a large interest to me currently. You may pre reserve any unborn calf for a price, feel free to shoot me a DM.

II Hall Of Fame II

//J7 Milky White 7.0\\
19x Breed Champion I 16x Reserve Breed I 18x firsts
2718 show pts (so far)
[Retired, Embryos listed]

//J7 Beyond The Stars 6.8\\
23x Breed champion I 15x Reserve breed I 8x firsts
1830 show pts
[Retired, Semen listed]
//J7 Runs With Scissors\\
8x Breed champion I 15x Reserve breed I 32x firsts
1935 show pts
[Retired, Semen listed]

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
J7 Look Whos Inside Again 6.7 Maine Anjou Female 2,585
J7 Say Your Prayers 7.2 Maine Anjou Female 1,519
J7 I’m Effin Sure 7.3 Maine Anjou Bull 620
J7 Form The Line Behind 7.0 Maine Anjou Female 525
J7 Hey That’s My Number 7.0 Maine Anjou Female 400
J7 When I Grow Up 6.9 Maine Anjou Bull 150
J7 Mary On A Cross 7.0 Maine Anjou Female 40
J7 Cooler Than Me 6.6 Maine Anjou Bull 30
J7 Angel Iza Centerfold 6.9 Charolais Bull 10
J7 Buddy You Found It 6.1 Maine Anjou Bull 5
J7 Created A Monster 7.3 Maine Anjou Bull 5
J7 Let The Games Begin 7.2 Maine Anjou Bull 0


Pen Name Cattle Options
Show calf prospects 13 Offer

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
J7 Double Down Ace 6.9 25 $250
J7 Here Comes The Content 7.1 20 $250
J7 Its My Money Honey 7.5 24 $200
J7 Runs With Scissors 7.2 10 $250
J7 Set My Heart Aflame 7.6 5 $250

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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