Condition and Show Steers

On, condition is in no way a secondary characteristic for your show steers.  If a steer is shown that won't grade out once slaughtered, it will be at a huge disadvantage to the steers in the class that would.  If you want to be successful in the show ring, you MUST have your market steers fattened up for the shows.

There are numerous ways to improve the conditioning of your steers, the easiest of which is to make sure you have your steers on a high corn diet.  Also, the British breeds will put on fat much easier than European and American breeds.  Breeding a little Angus into your cattle will help in the fattening of your steers. 

Belgian Blue cattle will have tremendous problems putting fat on.  Remember that breeding a little Belgian into your cattle for muscling will greatly impact both your calving ease and ability to grade choice.

Last Updated: 2/24/2007 7:24:39 PM