Seller Ratings

Users who have been known to bid on their own cattle can be easily identified when viewing their auctions using the seller rating system.  Directly next to the name of the owner on their auction rating shows up.  When a user bids on their own cattle, it decreases their auction rating. 



A+ This seller has put on over 100 auctions, has never bid on their own cattle, and over 98% of their cattle sell.
A This seller has never bid on their own cattle.  A user can never get back to an A rating once they have bid on their own cattle.
NA There was no information on this seller at the time the listing was put up.  It's normally a common courtesy to give these users the benefit of the doubt.
B This seller bids on only one of their listings or less than 5% of their total auction listings. 
C This seller has bid on their own cattle more than once but doesn't make too big a habit out of it.
D This seller has shown a tendency to bid on their own cattle quite often.  When bidding on these lots, be prepared to have your price run up.
F This person has been banned from the site and any cattle he/she has for sale are being liquidated by the site owners.

In order to maintain an "A" rating, you must NEVER bid on your own cattle.  Once you bid on your own cattle once, you will never again be able to have an auction rating higher than a "B".

Last Updated: 2/24/2007 7:27:11 PM