Bidding Process

The auction system on uses a proxy bidding system to make bids.  Using this auction system, you should bid the maximum you are willing to pay.  The auction will only bid the amount necessary to beat the next highest bidder.

The proxy bid takes advantage of the computer in the On-Line auction environment. By bidding as much as you want to spend and using a proxy bid, the auction system will automatically advance the bidding if someone bids more than the current bid and less than your proxy bid.  Proxy bids will also automatically advance the bidding to the level of your maximum proxy bid.

If you make a bid on an animal and somebody else has a higher proxy bid than what you are willing to bid, your bid will immediately be toped by the other bidder.


  • Bull A is for sale with a minimum price of $500
  • Joe bids $4,000 for Bull A but his bid shows up as $525 because there are no other bids
  • Bob bids $2,000 for Bull A.
  • Bob's bid is immediately topped by a bid of $2,025 by Joe.
  • Bob then bids $4,100 for Bull A. 
  • Since Bob's new bid is $4,100, higher than Joe's proxy bid, Bob is now the high bidder with a bid of $4,025, the amount needed to top Joe's proxy bid

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you make people show up to bid?

This system allows people who have other things to do at the end of the sale to bid the amount they are willing to pay for cattle.

Why was my bid imediately topped by another bidder?  They didn't have time to bid.

If somebody has a proxy bid higher than what you bid, their bid will automatically be increased to $25 higher than your bid at the time you bid.

Last Updated: 2/24/2007 7:27:22 PM