Featured Sales

Featured sales (also called special sales) are just sales that ranches put on with at least 10 cattle.  These sales are listed in the auctions near the top of the page.  Featured sales are only available to subscribing users and you must put AT LEAST 10 cattle in the sale to list it.
When you click the link on your main ranch page (in the Cattle Market section), you will be taken to the featured sale setup page.  From there you can create a sale by clicking the relevant link.  Once you have chosen a name for your sale, you will be given the chance to add steers, females, and bulls to the sale.  Don't worry about selecting all the cattle at one time, you will able to come back and add more cattle or remove cattle you have listed later.

Once you have cattle added to the sale, click on "Sale Administration" to go back to the main sale administration page.  Click on "Edit" and that will take you to a page where you can edit the descriptions, change the prices (you can only list cattle in increments of $200 from $600 to $2,000), or remove cattle from the sale.

Once you have the right cattle included and the sale descriptions you want, double check your sale listings and then click on "Activate" to send the cattle to auction.  Please give the "Activate" link a little while to process and don't double click it. 

Important Facts
The commission for featured sales is 2% higher than normal sales.
You must consign at least 10 cattle
This is only available to subscribers
You can only hold a featured sale once every two weeks
Your cattle will also be listed in the breed searches
All featured sales last three days
Your information on a sale setup is stored for one week before it is deleted

Last Updated: 2/24/2007 7:28:38 PM