Owner Options

This is where the majority of the actions with your animals takes place.  The owner of the animal can do various actions with their animals.  If the someone other than the owner of the animal looks at the animal, these options do not show up.


"Send to Auction"

  • This button send an animal to the auction
  • when you hit this button, it send you through the process of entering an animal in the auction.
  • For more info on entering animals in the auction click here.


"Name this animal"

  • When you receive a new calf or you get an initial animal in order to name, you must click on this button.

"Enter In Shows"

  • This is where you enter animals into shows.  Click on this button and follow the directions to enter in shows
  • This button is not available on all animals.  It is only available for animals that are eligible for shows.  If you think that an animal should be
  • For more info on entering animals in shows click here.

"Collect Semen"

  • This means where in an animals maturing process it currently is. 
  • Bulls go through the stages of bull calf immature bull and bull.  They also be listed as a steer if you chose to castrate it.
  • Cows go through the stages of heifer calf, immature female, open female and pregnant.



Last Updated: 2/24/2007 7:28:55 PM