Market Heifer Division

Differences From Breeding Heifer Shows

  • Market heifer shows are judged the same way as steer shows but with a little less emphasis placed on structure.  Much greater emphasis is placed on finish and muscling than breeding stock.
  • Cattle are judged in one of three breed categories; British, American, or Exotic
  • Classes are divided by weight, not age
  • There is an age limit of 60 days
  • A grand and reserve grand champion is selected for each show
  • There are no terminal shows for market heifers

Breed Classifications

British - 3/4 or more Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, or mix thereof with no Brahman influence
American - 1/4 Brahman or more
Exotic - Anything that does not classify as British or American


Payouts use the same structure as the steer shows except the payouts come from 100% of the entry fees for market heifers.

Last Updated: 4/6/2007 3:05:27 PM