Basic Breeding

There are several different ways to breed cattle on  The basic way is to use natural breeding by placing cattle in the same pasture and the bulls will take care of it themselves.  You can also use AI to bring new genetics into your herd.

Cattle must be at least one month old to breed on

How do I breed a cow naturally?

If you want to breed a cow naturally, go to its information page when it is in heat and click on breed in the owner options.  Then select a bull from your list of bulls and AI sires that you would like to breed the cow to.

How do I know if a cow is ready to be bred?

When a cow comes into heat (is ready to be bred) her name will be highlighted on your ranch page.


Why is there not a breed button?

A cow has to be named before it can be bred.  To do this click on "Name this Animal".

Last Updated: 2/22/2007 8:52:28 AM