Collecting Semen

Collecting semen off of a bull is a great way to make money and increase the amount of offspring, one bull can have.  By collecting semen, you can either breed several of your own cows or you can sell the semen to other breeders who can then in turn breed their cows

How do I collect semen from a bull?

To collect semen from a bull, go to that bulls information page, and then select draw semen.  Confirm your choice and then its done.


How much does it cost to draw semen from a bull?

There will be a standard fee of ### each time that you draw semen from a bull.


How often can a bull be collected?

A Bull can be collected as often as you want.  Keep in mind though, every time you draw semen, the animals condition and muscling will go down slightly.  Also, if you draw several times close together, the amount of semen you get each time will will steadily go down.


Last Updated: 2/24/2007 7:23:22 PM